A.S.A.P Smoothie




So recently I’ve been really interested in do it myself projects. Especially anything that is organic and will save me some damn money. One that I have perfected is what they call the natural hair removal but I’d call it the Natural Hair Reducer.

So save your coffee grounds for this one! It’s a two part recipe that I love. Just save all your coffee grounds. I like to only take about two tablespoons at a time in a container and add some Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I like to add enough that the coffee grounds are moist but not drenched.

Now all you do is rub this on your hairy parts. So we’ll take your legs for example. Take this mix and rub onto your legs for about 3 min. Its an amazing exfoliant and I love coffee so my showers smell delicious. I’ve used this for about a month and can really tell that my hair is getting lighter. ┬áNot as in color but quantity. lol.

Try it out and let me know what you think!! Also any other recipes like these!



When did I become an adult?

I sometimes find myself deep in thought in wondering when did this happen? When did I start to pay my own rent, cable, electric, gas, do food shopping, go to work M-F? When did I decided it was a bright idea to have two bulldogs. One for two years and then deciding in October to get a puppy? Waking up at 4am to let the puppy out is when I start to think about this the most. And here I am at 1 am writing my thoughts down and trying to make a food Shopping List. Come on this journey of awakening. I need friends.